Our baby must haves

With so many baby products on the market it’s easy to get drawn into all the clever advertising but what do you really need? And what is a waste of money?

Must haves

1. Ewan the dream sheep

Godsend with both babies, so far (touch wood) Charlotte is following in Lydia’s footsteps and is a perfect little sleeper, wakes for a bottle then straight back to sleep. Is it a coincidence that we have the sheep? I don’t know but it’s not worth ditching it to find out!

Cost: around £30

2. Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine

God send, literally. Takes making a bottle from a long process to a quick and simple few minute job and perfect temperature.

Cost: £125 but can find on offer for around £75

3. Decent bottles

Anti-colic bottles are a must have! We tried some really pretty ones by MAM and were very impressed! You can also sterilise them in the microwave which will be handy for holidays!

4. Mustela

These are my go to baby products, other than occasional Johnson’s baby bath, mustela is what I use on both my girls. It smells delicious and is so gentle on baby skin. We use the bath wash/shampoo, moisturiser and the Baby oil however I’ve heard good things about all their products.

Cost: varies

There are plenty of items that you think are must haves yet you find you’ve not used them and they are sat gathering dust, these were ours.

Don’t bothers

1. Nappy bin

What a waste of money, we bought one with Lydia and probably used it about twice. It’s a hassle to get to grips with the way the bags go in and really it’s no easier than taking a nappy to the actual bin.

2. Steam steriliser

We had one of these with Lydia and when she was poorly the health visitor recommended changing to cold water tablets for a week or two. We found them so easy we ended up using them all the time and we bought the Milton cold water steriliser for Charlotte. A bargain compared to electric also!

3. Scratch mits

Most baby sleepsuits come with them attached to sleeves. We found the loose ones would fall off too easy anyway so we’re pretty useless.


That our list! Let us know what your must haves and don’t bothers are in the comments or go follow us on Instagram! Www.instagram.com/jade_and_girls

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