Teething problems

Oh my days you forget all this ever happened but my god aren’t the teething days hard?!

Charlotte finally broke her first tooth last week and I can only hope the next ones come through easier (I know, dreaming aren’t I).

But what we did do was go through so many teething toys/gels/medication and here is what I thought of them!

Sophie the giraffe

100% recommend this. Lydia loved hers so it was one of our first things we put on Charlottes Christmas list! Along with relief for those gummies Sophie squeaks when squeezed to bring a giggle to a crying baby.


No, didn’t make any difference to anything.

Gummee glove teething mit

This is the first teething toy Charlotte held and enjoyed. She could not get enough of it, it was even better that as it is a glove I didn’t have to keep picking it back up and giving it to her. These come in two sizes so we are ready to move up to the bigger size now and I’m sure Charlotte will love it just as much. The teethers are positioned in all the right places and even come with a removable silicone heart that Charlotte also loves using on its own.

Gummee also do more teething products you would be mad to not take a look.



I didn’t think I would rate this at all when I bought it, it just happened to be one of the few bits available at a local store when we NEEDED something so gave it a try. This works amazing, the cooling effect must be such a relief and it was an instant improvement. 100% recommend it!


We try to limit the amount of calpol we use so only gave this when Charlotte was in huge amounts of pain but it works wonders for about 1-2 hours, life saver at bedtime.

Mummy and me giraffe

This is AMAZING for out and about, it comes on a clip so it can’t be thrown on the floor or dropped. The giraffe itself is small and light enough for little babies to hold and explore. This was definitely a winner for us – also if anyone was thinking of getting one you can grab yourself 10% off if you use discount code CHARLOTTE 😊


Anbesol liquid

This is what we expected to be our gold dust as it worked like magic on Lydia however it shows every baby is different as Charlotte hates the stuff – I did have a try myself and must say it does taste disgusting so maybe it’s that? But she screamed every time we tried to use it.


If your weaning this is a great one! Charlotte loves nibbling away on a stick of cucumber, it must really cool those gums down.

We’ve had just under a week of no teething and my god it’s bliss 😅 also this first tiny dot of a tooth is just adorable 😍

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