Potty training

This has got to be one of the most dreaded parts of motherhood for me. I was set on the idea that I would buy a potty, put Lydia in knickers and NEVER put another nappy on her (bedtime as an exception). I was determined to deal with the accidents and keep pushing…

😂😂😂 LOL 😂😂😂

So we first tried when Lydia was 20 months. We wanted to either get it done way before her baby sister was born or wait until after. I’d read lots of advice saying to not collide potty training with any other big events going on in the toddlers life.

First attempt

Off I trotted to Asda, potty, toilet seat, toilet step, stickers and shed loads of knickers.

We had already watched ‘Princess Polly uses the potty’ on YouTube countless times before hand so that she had an idea.

We woke up the next morning and I took Lydia’s nappy off, explained about the potty and showed her the amazing teletubbies stickers I had for her when she used the potty. First wee in her knickers, no problem – didn’t make a fuss, put her on the potty explained wees and poos go in the potty. Second wee, same scenario. Third wee she was hysterical dribbling a tiny bit and screaming because she didn’t want to wee. I tried another day of it but she was just getting herself so upset until

She literally burst but always in her knickers. I thought ok, maybe she is too young and she hasn’t grasped it. Admitted defeat and back in nappies.

Second attempt

We waited until Lydia was 2 years and 4 months. Charlotte was 2 months so everything had settled down with new routine etc and we had a week that we had free without nursery or any other plans so thought it would be an ideal opportunity.

On day one we spent the morning explaining about potty training again, watching princess polly and speaking about big girl knickers. We then took Lydia to the shop to choose her own knickers and put them on a 12 noon.

At 1.30 Lydia had a wee in her knickers, I put her on the potty and reminded her that wees need to go in the potty.

At 3pm Lydia had a tiny wee in her knickers but told her Daddy so he put her on the potty and she had her first poo on the potty! We gave her loads of praise and she got a happy stamp and chocolate coin for being such a clever girl.

We continued with this method, whenever she had an accident we would ask her to go on the potty while she got changed and wees and poos on the potty she would get a chocolate coin and happy stamp.

“Do you need a wee wee?” I swear that is all that came out my mouth for a full week! But by asking it’s putting the thought in their mind when they may be otherwise distracted. Keep reminding them they have their big girl knickers/big boy pants on.

By the end of the week Lydia had nailed it! I was surprised how quick she got it this time.

Here is our potty training checklist

• Potty for downstairs

• Toilet seat and step for upstairs

• Lots of knickers

• Happy stamp (Lydia’s nursery give stamps when they have done something good. She gets so excited to show us when she has one so thought this would work as a reward)

• Chocolate coins

• Potty cleaner – we use sticky stopper by nimble. This is also great for toys and high chairs as it kills 99.9% of germs without bleach!

Out and about

It’s always more tricky when out and about. I always try to get Lydia to use the potty before we leave and ask her every 30 minutes or so if she needs the toilet. Admittedly if we are going to be out a while and she is tired I sometimes put a pull up on, but still encourage her to use the toilet. I always find if she has had a pull up on, even for a few hours it will

back track her so try to limit this as much as possible.


Recently Lydia had a sickness bug, we put her in nappy’s for about a week while she had diarrhoea and it was a bit of a challenge getting her back to knickers after. We went back to basics, asked her often to try, gave praise and the odd reward and she’s back on track now.

Our top tips

• be prepared, make sure you have plenty spare clothes.

• Be patient, the more relaxed the child feels the easier they will learn. Calmly explain that wees and poos need to go in the potty when they have an accident.

• Know your child – go through with it but only if your child is ready. If they aren’t, wait a few month and try again.

• Reward! This can be in the form of praise or/and a treat. Lydia would get a happy stamp, chocolate coin and lots of praise in the first week. At the end of the week she got to choose a toy as she had done so well. We then stopped the chocolate coins and stamps but still continue with praise.

• ALWAYS take spare clothes and baby wipes when you go out.

And that’s about it for our potty training journey! Good luck if your about to start yours.

One thought on “Potty training

  1. Ah, potty training! What a faff!! Although this was the stage that meant I soon learned the location of just about every public toilet or shops with easy access toilet in our city ha!!


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