Day in our life..

5.45am – Nath brings Lydia in my room with a bowl of fruit. Lydia nibbles while I try my hardest to get Charlotte back to sleep (it’s not happening).

Lydia finished her orange and starts playing with Charlotte, won’t settle back down so guess it’s time to get up! Zzzzzz

6.10am – Down stairs we go. Lydia is dancing around and singing to the greatest showman, Charlotte is having a explore on the floor. Nappies changed, knickers on for Lydia and breakfast time!

6.30am both girls in high chairs. Cornflakes for Lydia, fruity porridge for Charlotte. Both ate them all up

7am – I’m already tired, I’ve been poorly since Thursday and just can’t shift it so running low on energy. Also my throat feels like I’m swallowing razor blades, yey.

Lydia has found her suitcase she took to stay at her nanas on Saturday so she’s scooting that around while unpacking and packing it with toys. Charlotte is getting frustrated that she can’t crawl but keeps trying.

7.30am – milk time for Charlotte. She’s been off her milk lately I think she’s teething again 😭.

7.45- totally refusing milk, watching Lydia play and laughing at her instead

8.30am – Lydia asked why for the 46,7543rd time this morning. You can’t take your suitcase to the park, why?, because you don’t need to take lots of things to the park, why? Because you will be going on the swings and slides – aw whiiiite… why?

9am – off to the park to hopefully wear Lydia out enough that she will nap because of how early she was up.

10.30am – hay fever going beserk can’t stop sneezing and eyes are constantly watering. Heading home but Lydia wants an ice cream, I’ve got no money. Tantrum.

Also to add salt in, Charlotte has lost her dummy 😖.

Persuaded Lydia we are going home to get penny’s for pink ice cream. Battle one complete.

11am – back home, Lydia had some ice cream and said she was going to nap, but then decided not to.

11.30am – Charlotte had a bottle, drank about 5oz. We’ve put Trolls on and having a chill. Lydia and Charlotte are both playing on the floor while watching TV.

12.30pm – Lunch time. The girls are having fish fingers, chips and peas today. Simple simple.

1pm – Charlotte is napping. Tried really hard for Lydia to nap, but after a 20 minute battle I gave in and we went downstairs. Some how Lydia is still full of energy, we are playing with her LOL dolls in her dolls house. She is so cute in her play now, her little dolls having conversations with each other. Love to watch her and play along with her.

2.30pm – Charlotte is awake now. Time for her bottle. She drinks 3oz and refuses the rest.

3pm – The girls play and I potter on in the house. Lots goes on but I didn’t have time to note everything down.

4.30pm – Tea time, pasta today. Yummy. Girls love it, majority of Charlottes ends up on the floor but hey ho.

5pm – Daddy’s home! The girls have cuddles and Lydia tells Daddy all about her day.

6pm – bedtime! I take Charlotte up to bed, she has her bottle (about 5oz) then straight to sleep. Daddy takes Lydia to bed, she didn’t nap today so straight to sleep for her too!

After 6pm.. – I’d love to tell you I did this, that and the other. But honestly by the time the girls are in bed I can’t be bothered to do anything! Had a chill downstairs then ended up having an early night ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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