Matchstick monkey teething toy and swaddle review

I was so excited when we received our package from Matchstick Monkey to review! If your little one has teeth or is teething I’m sure you know the struggles of trying everything under the sun to give them a little relief!

Charlotte cut her first two teeth a few weeks ago and I must say we had a good week or two of no pain. However recently the dribbling has started and the rosy cheeks so I’m assuming another is on the way!

Pink monkey teething toy

The first product we will review is the pink monkey teething toy. I gave Charlotte her monkey to try, straight in her mouth (obvs). She had a good chew and explore and was so fascinated by all the different bits to chew on and look at. Here is what we love about it..

It looks good

Matchstick monkey products are available in a range of colours, we chose pink because – well, everything is pink in our lives 🤷‍♀️. It’s a bright pink which makes it visually attractive for Charlotte and the little monkey design is really sweet.

Safety first

BPA free and FDA approved.

The simple design means no worry of any bits falling off etc and it’s made with food grade silicone.

Dual use

Have you tried applying teething gels/granules etc once your baby has teeth? OUCH! Those little teeth just want something to nibble and if your finger is there – your fingers gets chewed. The back of the monkeys head is perfect for applying gels and granules so they can get right to the source of pain while massaging the gums for comfort. Charlotte loved chewing the monkey with her cooling Calgel on. I can just imagine how soothing it was for her!

Fun for older babies too

Lydia (2 years old) has had fun using the teething monkey too! “ITS LIKE A TOOTHBRUSH” she excitedly shouted as she pulled it out it’s packaging. We have been allowing Lydia to clean her own teeth and trying to ensure she cleans properly. Matchstick monkey is a great aid to make a game of making sure Lydia cleans every tooth which will hopefully aid with her actual teeth brushing.


These are £9.99 and available at

Pink 100% organic cotton swaddle x2

Ok aren’t these just adorable! I’ve never swaddled Charlotte since we left the hospital, I wouldn’t even know how to do it now however these lightweight Matchstick monkey muslins are perfect for summer days! Here is what we love about them…


They are so light and airy. When the weather is as warm as it has been lately these are perfect to use as a thin blanket for comfort when sleeping.

Teething tag

These muslin swaddles have a bright pink teething tag for baby to chew on and feel. Charlotte loves chewing it as you can see!


My main concern is always the safety of whatever I am giving my girls. These swaddles are made with 100% organic cotton, they are FDA and LFGB approved and the silicone tag is BPA free. Knowing that matchstick monkey pay such attention to safety makes me love them even more.

Easy to clean

Of course, little miss can’t keep anything clean for 2 seconds. These swaddles are machine safe so super convenient to clean.


2 pack gift set costs £24.00 here

As you can see all the products come packaged lovely so they would make beautiful gifts.

Thank you matchstick monkey for sending us these amazing items.

Reviews are my own views and opinions.

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