Disney on ice review – dream big

Is there anything more magical than Disney? I’ve always been a Disney fan but watching your children mesmerised by it is something else. With our upcoming trip to Florida around the corner, Disney on ice couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was in two minds if to take Charlotte, she was 11 months the day of the show and to be honest I didn’t really think she would sit through it and it started at 6.30, her bedtime is usually 7pm. Let me just start by saying it you are in the same boat, DO IT.

As soon as we entered the metro radio arena the Disney atmosphere began, there was lots on sale – flashing lights, flags, soft toys, snacks, ice drinks and lots more Disney merchandise. There was also an Ariel set up where you could get your photo taken by a photographer. Lydia chose to buy a snow cone in an Ariel souvenir cup.

We then headed to our seats, we were to the side of the front of the stage on the lower tier of the arena, these seats were great as you could see the whole ice rink clearly. To be honest I think wherever you sit would be a good view.

It wasn’t much longer when Tinkerbell opened the show with Mickey and Minnie learning the audience a dance. Lots of fun and my girls got so excited as soon as they saw Minnie and Mickey.

I don’t want to give the show away because I’m sure many of you will be going to watch it yourselves but as a brief outline, Minnie and Mickey host the show and flitter in and out between stories: Aladdin, The little mermaid, Moana, Frozen and Cinderella to name a few. The act’s were kept short to keep children interested. Alongside each spectacular set change was something going on elsewhere on stage so you didn’t notice it changing over. There was also some impressive special effects throughout the show such as fire and snow.

The performers themselves were breathtaking, the skills that they put out on the ice were truly impressive and done with such grace and elegance.

Lydia is into everything Disney so I knew she would love it, but when Moana waved directly at her the look on my girls face was priceless.

Charlotte was waving, clapping and dancing along to the show. I am so pleased we decided to bring her along – of course she won’t remember the show but I will.

Honestly these kind of moments are those that I’ll remember forever. If you haven’t already got tickets, try to get there because I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing night.

** We were very kindly gifted these tickets in exchange for an honest review of the show**

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