Disneyworld with a toddler and baby

Are we crazy? Top thought leading upto the trip but I knew a little bit of Disney magic couldn’t do us wrong!

I dreaded the flight with Lydia (3) and Charlotte (12 months) but honestly it was fine. I took enough for one new toy/activity per 30 minutes of the flight which was more than enough as they both slept quite a lot too. Charlotte didn’t have her own seat as she had only turned one the week before our trip but that wasn’t a problem.

We arrived to our hotel (Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista) late so went straight to sleep and we/I was up super early because we/definitely I could not sleep a wink with excitement! Straight to magic kingdom and wow! We have been to Florida before but watching your children there is a whole different experience.

Below I’m going to write our best bits from each park!

Magic Kingdom

Its Magic Kingdom, it IS Disney. It’s the most beautiful and magical place on earth! There is also SO much to do here with babies and toddlers.

Dumbo ride

Splash park

Right by the dumbo ride is a big splash park, perfect to cool down and get away from the main park for a little while.

Princess fairytale hall

Meeting the princesses was a main highlight for our family, Lydia in particular is princess obsessed. The characters here really take the time to interact with your children to make it memorable. The photo pass photographers are always great at capturing the moment too!

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Is there anything better than riding on a horse by Cinderella’s castle?! Didn’t think so.

Grass by castle to play

When your or your children just need a little space to chill out and play there are a few little grass areas to the side of Cinderella’s castle. These are great for taking in the atmosphere while chilling out.

Move it! Shake it! Parade

This is a fun parade where the characters come down and dance with the crowd! There are also some characters that you don’t see much of around the parks. Lots of fun.

Magic Kingdom parade

The main parade is breathtaking, so many beautiful floats and characters performing amazing. You could watch this everyday and not get bored. The girls watched in amazement getting excited every time they saw one of their favourite characters. I would definitely say the parades are one of my main highlights of Disney.

Buzz lightyear ride, small world and Ariel ride

These are a few of our favourites but there are so many more than small children are able to ride too.

Baby care area

Just behind caseys corner on Main Street USA there is a baby care area. This air conditioned area is perfect for downtime, nappy changes and feeding. There is a TV playing Disney movies and shows and a little shop for any baby necessities you may have forgot or ran out of. We often came in when Charlotte was feeling overwhelmed.


I read so much about this park being for older children and adults but honestly I thought there was a lot for children! Especially those that are keen to meet characters! There are so many here which often have very short wait times.

Anna and Elsa meet and greet

This experience starts in the line as you walk through Anna and Elsa’s house you see lots of familiar items from the movie. The meet and greet characters were great!!

Frozen ride

Unfortunately we missed our fast pass for this one day and couldn’t get another so didn’t get round to riding, we could have gone in the standby queue but 80 minutes+ with two little ones wouldn’t be fun! Plus it gives us a big reason to return!

Lots of meet and greets

As I said before, a lot of meet and greets at Epcot had very short queues which is perfect for filling in your autograph books! We met Aurora, Daisy, Donald, Minnie, Micky and Goofy all with a less than 10 minute wait!

Play spaces

I found Epcot to have the most little play areas for children to use. There are also lots of little craft stations in the different counties around the park.

Nemo ride

Both my girls LOVED this ride – so many lovely colours for Charlotte to see. When we got off the ride we went straight to turtle talk with Crush which was great, Lydia really enjoyed it – then we took a look around the big aquarium!

Hollywood studios

You don’t want to miss this park if you have babies or toddlers! Mine are Disney Junior obsessed so there was a lot of trip highlights for us in this park. There is also a lot of Star Wars stuff which we aren’t really interested in so didn’t explore – but if anyone in your family is into that they will love this park also!

Disney Junior meet and greet

A must! All the best Disney Junior characters – they all made a great effort to interact with even the shyest babies and children which I thought was great! There is Doc Mcstuffins, Vampirina, Pluto and Sofía the first however Sofía will sadly be leaving and I believe changing to Fancy Nancy.

Disney Junior show

This was closed during our trip, so another excuse to go back!!

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

This live show was amazing! Lydia loved it, the special effects where really impressive- Lydia thought it was like magic when Ariel got her legs.

Beauty and the beast show

My all time favourite show at Disney, the dancing and singing is always amazing with the best costumes. Both the girls loved watching this.

Toy story land

Toy story land has been put together so well. As soon as you walk in you feel like you are in the movie! Lydia rode the swirling alien ride with her Dad and we all rode toy story mania. The green men were marching through the park throughout the day and there was meet and greets for Buzz, Woody and Jessie however the queues for these was huge!

Frozen sing along

We all enjoyed the frozen sing along, especially when it stared to SNOW!

Animal kingdom

Nathan’s favourite park! I knew the girls would love it too, seeing all the animals and the shows. There isn’t really many rides we were bothered about riding here as a few are for older children and adults however there was plenty we were able to enjoy!

Kiolimanjaro safaris

The main attraction and highlight for us at this park is the safari. Lydia loved spotting all the animals and Charlotte loved the bumpy ride. We got up and close to lots of animals!

Triceratops spin

This ride is pretty much the same as Dumbo but dinosaurs themed! We rode it about 3 times because there was a super short wait and the girls loved it!

The Lion king show

Do not miss this! The skills of these performers is incredible.

Navi river ride

The whole avatar area is breathtaking! This ride was amazing, so many great visuals. Charlotte was taken away with it! Definitely recommend getting a fast pass for this ride or any of the avatar rides as they all had huge queues.

Nemo musical

We almost skipped this show so I’m pleased we ended up passing just as the show was starting! It’s great for little ones with lots of singing and great visuals.

My top tips

* Bring a stroller – Lydia NEVER used one at home but Florida is a lot of walking in heat! Plus both my girls were happy enough to sleep in the stroller during the day so saved us having to schedule hotel time for naps.

* Plan – but don’t be afraid to go off the plan. I’m a big planner and I like to have my days set and know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. However, our first day Charlotte wasn’t well so we went back after half a day so straight away our plans were gone however I still knew what I wanted us to do in each park so the planning still came in useful to ensure we didn’t miss anything important.

* Bring regular clothes along with fancy dress. Lydia loved wearing her princess dresses but the heat made it impossible to wear them all day so we just put them on before meeting characters and took them off as soon as I saw she was getting too warm.

* Use photo pass – OBVIOUSLY I take a million photos wherever I go, but there’s no doubt without PhotoPass I wouldn’t have half the cute character photos I have. It also allowed me to video a few of the meet and greet without worrying about photos. You can also use photo pass for family pictures in front of the castle etc. We got one and they added a special effect of tinker bell flying over us which Lydia loved!

Most of all, enjoy! You will no doubt have an amazing time making magical memories.

Check out our Instagram page to see more of our adventures @jade_and_girls

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