My fairy kitchen garden

We were really excited when Wire PR contacted us and asked if we would like to review the fairy kitchen garden! Lydia has recently been growing cress at nursery so she couldn’t wait to start growing more amazing things.

Inside the box you will find lots of accessories to make a beautiful fairy garden including a little picket fence with opening gate. Lydia loved building this with my help!

We grabbed a bag of soil from Poundland and were good to go! Lydia filled the fairy kitchen with soil then carefully planted the peas. She was so excited asking when they would grow.

It actually only took a day or two for the shoots to start growing which was very exciting. It has became routine that every morning Lydia comes downstairs and checks her fairy garden before breakfast, she then gives them some water and we get excited about them growing taller!

It took around 10 days for our pea shoots to grow super long and that’s when we decided it was time to eat them!

Lydia can be quite fussy so I was surprised that she ate hers, she said they were yummy!

Lydia was super excited that she was eating the pea shoots that she grew herself and we are already discussing what we can grow next in the fairy garden kitchen!

Note: We were kindly gifted this Fairy Garden Kitchen in exchange for an honest review.


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