Day in our life..

5.45am – Nath brings Lydia in my room with a bowl of fruit. Lydia nibbles while I try my hardest to get Charlotte back to sleep (it’s not happening). Lydia finished her orange and starts playing with Charlotte, won’t settle back down so guess it’s time to get up! Zzzzzz 6.10am – Down stairs we […]

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Our baby must haves

With so many baby products on the market it’s easy to get drawn into all the clever advertising but what do you really need? And what is a waste of money? Must haves 1. Ewan the dream sheep Godsend with both babies, so far (touch wood) Charlotte is following in Lydia’s footsteps and is a […]

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Hi, I’m new here!

New blogger Mammy on the block, I’m Jade, 25 Years old, married with two beautiful little girls. I’m a stay-at-Home Mam and yes, I hate the stigma that comes along with that. I loved my job as a nursery nurse however when I returned after maternity leave with my eldest I could not cope being […]

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